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Deutsches Requiem

with Egidienchor Nürnberg
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Deutsches Requiem

with Egidienchor Nürnberg

My first thought when thinking about a choreography for Brahms requiem was to balance it with minimalism because of its purity and its power. I stripped down the complexity of choreographic steps into the most fundamental features of human sensation. I focused on the details of the body, using each gesture and movement to suspend the images within space.

I see dance and Brahms very much like sculptural images. These images are composed as organic forms in an invisible circulation. It emphasises the continuity of the music and its lyrics. The lyric speaks to me not only about spirituality, death and sorrow, but more like an encouragement of marching to the sense of belonging. It builds up a relationship between the bodies.

It’s seems like a meditation for us, sensing and connecting with the purity in the pursuit of life.

Our bodies are living in the momentum through various states of mind. I translate such feelings within the body into dance and associate them with Brahms music.

Most of the images and inspirations are coming from the requiem’s lyrics and the emotions of the music itself. Brahms requiem brings me back to my past memory to friends and family. By listening to it I was touched by an indefinite joy and was deeply wretched. That is the state of mind I want to express through dance and waltz with it.

Though it’s a personal approach to the requiem, I believe that we to some extent share our personal experiences towards Brahms. And it is still rather a contemporary state in his music. It’s a reflection about continuance in hope and future.

With this requiem in dance, we may witness our strength in will and not fear violence. 

press reviews

-....Seldom energetic one could see  and feel the complexity of  human perception through dance and music. That evening became a sensual experience for ones eyes, ears and heart.

Nürnberger Zeitung, 17th Oktober 2011, Pia Lubig

This time Shang Chi Sun had the task to interprete the requium-text with dance. Three excellent dancers pictured parallel to the text. the sacred atmosphere of suffering, morality, solace and hope through a modern and contemporary repertoire of dance movements. It became virtual through dearly embracements, figures created through virtuosic lifts, deliberate rotations, fearfull tremors and moving chairs on the basis of Dies-irae-sounds.

Nürnberger Zeitung, 17th Oktober 2011, Egon Bezold 



Music Johannes Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem
, Vierhändige Klavierfassung

Egidienchor Nürnberg
 mit dem Klavierduo GrauSchumacher

Choreography Shang Chi Sun

Music direction Pia Praetorius

Sopran Siri Karoline Thornhill

Bariton Stefan Sevenich

Dance Ruben Reniers, Nicky Vanoppen, Albert Garcia Saurí

Light and set design Fred Pommerehn

Duration 60 min